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Specialist skills that bring exceptional front-line experience to crisis prevention, intervention and resolution across all continents of the globe.

Crux Risk specialises in the management and resolution of crises associated with kidnapping, extortion, hijacking, maritime piracy, accidental or malicious product tampering and wrongful detention.

We further specialise in solving risk and security problems such as country evacuations, strategic risk assessments, audits, reputation management and breach response.

Owned and managed by its crisis response advisers, Crux Risk has assisted governments, businesses, high net-worth individuals and families, non-governmental organisations and ordinary citizens.

We are an energetic, accomplished team. We are by nature and first-hand experience sensitive to the issues we help to resolve. We observe absolute confidentiality and discretion.

We work directly with many of our clients; others are introduced or recommended by global legal firms, underwriters and insurance brokers.

Crux Risk is retained by Beazley plc, a leading provider of specialist insurance cover incorporating crisis response services.