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Crux Risk Consultants

Crux Risk consultants are highly proficient individuals, men and women with demonstrable skills and a record of outstanding capability. The team come from diverse backgrounds including military, commerce and journalism; and many have front-line and regional expertise that bring relevant and current experience to our client's individual needs.

Our broad range of risk management services brings the significant advantage of being able to respond with individual skills, or as an integrated team providing support in both depth and breadth. When applicable, our international network of associates and partners provides additional specialist skills and local knowledge.

Note: For reasons of security and confidentiality Crux Risk does not publicly list details of its consultants on our website. Further details are available on request.


Matthew Burnford

Managing Partner

Matthew Burnford is a founding partner and the Managing Partner at Crux Risk LLP. He has been involved in advising clients on crisis management issues since 1993. Key areas of his expertise are in prevention, response and management of kidnap-for-ransom, malicious product extortion & contamination, extortion and maritime piracy. He has worked extensively throughout the world with particular experience in Europe, the Balkans, Latin America and the Asia Pacific regions.  

Matthew previously served as a Commissioned Officer in the British Army serving in Germany, Northern Ireland and the UK. On leaving the army he gained expertise working for international missions under the auspices of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the Balkans, and in global security and risk management consultancies such as Control Risks Group, Pinkerton, ArmorGroup and G4S.

Matthew has commercial experience in a number of industry sectors and an MBA from the University of Edinburgh. Matthew is based in the United Kingdom.

Andrew Watts

Operations Director 

Andrew is a partner and Operations Director at Crux Risk LLP. He oversees Crux protocol and tradecraft on KR/E and other casework. He has been involved in maritime piracy, land based kidnap and illegal detention response case management, in Somalia, Kenya, China, UAE and Vietnam.  Andrew’s experience extends to case management, negotiation, operational planning, hostage extraction and delivery of air-supply drops to vessels held hijacked by pirates.

As a qualified international airline and also a helicopter pilot, Andrew has had extensive worldwide experience in the aviation industry and also advises Crux and its clients on matters relating to aviation related business.

Andrew previously served for 19 years as a Commissioned Officer in the British Army and saw service in Germany, UK and Cyprus, and active service in Northern Ireland (5 tours) and Bosnia. On leaving the Army he gained expertise working in the security industry and has experience in crisis and emergency management training for both the public and private sectors in Australasia.

A graduate of the Army Command and Staff College he has a Graduate Diploma in Management Studies. Andrew is based between Perth, Western Australia and Brunei.